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Solar Power

Environmental responsibility is a pressing issue in today’s world and we all want to find ways to do better. At Heron, we give period homeowners the opportunity to reduce their energy costs and environmental impact by way of solar panels.

Each townhome is equipped with four roof-mounted solar panels that will harness energy of the sun by converting daylight into electricity. Using net metering, solar energy is fed to the electrical panel and used by household appliances including electric vehicle charging. The electricity produced by four panels is equivalent to the power necessary to drive over 10,000km. Upgrade to a total of 8 panels is available to provide even more electricity savings.

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Lock-in your electricity rate

Since 2006, BC Hydro Rates have increased over 70%*. This means that over the next 10 years, you could save up to $2,500 in electricity costs.

Manage your fuel costs

The electricity produced by 4 panels in one year is equivalent to the power necessary to drive over 10,000km on a Tesla Model 3 Dual-Motor. This translates to over $1,200 per year in fuel costs**

Preserve our Environment

Every year, your four-panel solar system will displace at least 15kg of CO₂ based on BC Hydro Greenhouse Gas Intensity factors.

*Based on the British Columbia Utilities Commission Orders and Decisions

**Based on an average fuel economy of 8.0L/100km and $1.50 per L at 10,000km per year